Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Momentum AGM and Trade Show
I'd like to thank Momentum for having me at their Annual General Meeting.  I had a great time, and got to talk to a lot of people about the games I am working on.  Thank you to everyone who visited my table and signed my guest book!

I have included the prototype of the game I demonstrated at the AGM.  The working name of this game is 'Varnaria Castle Defence'.

Please click on the 'Run Demo' to view it.  It is non-interactive, and will 'refresh' every 3 minutes.  This is a prototype only, and uses placeholder graphics and not all features are in play.  This demonstration took me about 12 hours to code.  (It may take a few seconds to load)

This game is a high-fantasy defense game.  The player will be able to control their main character 'hero', using a crosshair target to target their enemy to attack.  They would be able to select from several spells adjustable to their play style.  Additionally, up to 3 NPC (non-player character) mages (or 'wizards') can be recruited and trained by the player.

In this demo, the three mages (from top to bottom) are as follows;
Ice Mage:  launches a ball of ice at a target, that shatters and hits nearby enemies.  In addition to dealing damage, it slows or freezes them, slowing their progress towards the wall.  (Slowed and Frozen targets turn blue)
Lightning Mage:  Shoots a quick and accurate shot at the nearest target.  This electric attack has a chance of 'arcing' to random enemies across the field.
Fire Mage:  Launches a volley of fire balls at a single target, but has low accuracy, and they scatter around the targeted destination.  Each ball might deal damage to multiple enemies as it falls if they are close together, and it remains smoldering on the ground for awhile.  Enemies that touch it while in flight or while it is on the ground also are set on fire (indicated by them turning red).  While on fire, they take a small amount of damage over time.

Each of these types of mages will have many more spell options according to their specialty, which would be able to be set by the player depending on their strategy. In addition, other types of mages will be available, including Beastmasters which can summon wolves onto the battle field, Plant Masters, who can cause enemies to become entangled, and Necromancers, which can raise undead to defend the wall and turn enemy creatures to fight to protect you.

The gameplay is divided into 'days', which take a few minutes to complete.  Each day gets progressively harder.  Between days you can go into town to reasearch and upgrade your spells, train your characters to gain new abilities, increase your castle's defenses, and more.  You only have a certain number of 'Action Points' to spend each night - so choose wisely!  The choices you make during the day will determine your strategy to face off against the next wave of enemies.  The goal is to survive as many days as possible.

The final game will be fully developed and ready for sponsors on June 15th.  I hope to have it sponsored and online for players towards the end of July.

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